September 27, 2012 – Results from Wednesday night meeting at town hall. All work has stalled.

The Town Administrator, The Board of Selectman, The Harbor Master, Craig Leblanc who represents Allen Harbor Marine Service and Ed Brady who represents Allen Harbor Yacht Club, along with Coastal Engineering and the Barge Operator who was via conference call, all met last night at Town Hall to further discuss how to come to a solution to the problem at hand.

It has now been settled that there is 60,000 cubic yards instead of the 43,000 cubic yards of material originally applied for to come out of the harbor. The discussion centered on ways to cut back on the amount of dredge material to come out of the harbor without a major impact on the project. We have a map that proposed the new dredge line which is basically 21ft. further from the shore line than was first anticipated. Also the DEP stipulates that the dredging cannot take place within 25ft. of sea grass.

1st thoughts were determined to lessen the amount of dredge on the S.E. area of the mooring field. This presented a problem for the dredge operator who needs 7ft. of water to bring in the barges which are over 50ft. wide. The dredge operator would not commit to a start date when quizzed by a member of the Board of Selectman and the Harbor Master.

One solution presented and to be examined further is to have the county dredge now in the harbor dredge where there is sand which can be pumped up on to the beaches. The county dredge works for $7. per cubic yard and the big dredge works for $59. per cubic yard.

Also discussed is an alternate dumping site in Cape Cod Bay instead of the approved MA Bay dumping site which would cut down on the travel and cut expenses. The discussion continues tomorrow and throughout the weekend.

All prep work in the harbor has stalled. The town docks and pilings have been removed as they were scheduled to be replaced for next summer anyway, but all others are standing back to see how this is going to play out.

We’ll keep you posted!

September 21, 2012 3rd party survey finished

Piling removal from Allen Harbor Yacht ClubThe 3rd party survey is finished and is being tabulated.  We should know the results early next week. There will be a meeting next week to settle the pre-dredge depth differences. The Dredge coming from Boston has a very low freeboard and it will take a couple of calm days with winds out of the NW to get the barge and scows here.  Emptying SlipsMeanwhile preparation continues at Allen Harbor Yacht Club and Allen Harbor Marine Service with the removal of the docks and pilings.


Craig received a note to attend a hastily called meeting at town hall Wednesday. 

It seems someone grossly miscalculated the amount of material to come out of the harbor.  This means the permits are under estimated, the cost is under estimated and a
real dilemma is at hand.  One possibility is that we do as much dredging as possible until we run out of money and/or reach the permitted amount of material barged to the dumping site.  This probably means the mooring field will get little or no dredging.  Ren Nichols, owner of AHMS and Craig LeBlanc VP and GM both agree strongly this is not acceptable. Silt from the un-dredged portion of the harbor will migrate and quickly fill the channel fairway and both AHYC and AHMS slips for a “no gain” project.  The AHMS investment in this whole project of $450,000 is too much to risk an outcome like this and we have made our thoughts known to the town administrator and selectmen.  Coastal Engineering, the town and the dredge operator will hire a third party firm to check and double check the math.  In hope that this situation will be rectified, the prep and dredge mobilization will continue.

Robert B. Our Company Barge looking from AHYC to AHMS

September 10, 2012 prep for the Allen Harbor dredging project gets underway.

"CODFISH"Welcome to “The Dredge Blog” Throughout our project Allen Harbor will
keep you updated on the progress . We hope you enjoy keeping abreast of
the largest dredging operation in Allen Harbor since 1952.

We will be able to show you in picture as well as editorial.

The Barnstable County dredge CODFISH has completed its work in our
channel. This needed to get done just to get the massive dredge into the
harbor. Craig and the AHMS team have removed the moorings from the
southerly mooring field to allow the dredge to moor once it gets in.
The large barge of the Robert B. Our Company is in place now and ready to
go to work on the removal of the docks and pilings at the Yacht Club.
All the yacht club boats have been hauled or moved to a new location.
Soon the barge will be moving to the AHMS side of the harbor and we will
begin removing our main dock and pilings. Much like the yacht club, we
have devised a plan to float our docks and fingers to the mooring field.