December 17, 2012

Notes for Today’s meeting at Town Hall.

6 scow loads of spoil left the harbor last week. To date 24 loads for a total of 14,400 cubic yards of spoil have left the harbor.

Plans are to start dredging Allen Harbor Marine portions next week providing the Yacht Club soundings come back positive that the job is done there.

Bad weather the rest of this week will probably preclude any dredging this week. Next week we are expecting the county dredge to mobilize to begin the mooring field. This necessitates us moving our docks to another place in the harbor preferably up the creek so not to interfere with the dredging.

The Yacht Club docks will be put back in place next week, but not hooked up. Our extension for the dredge permit goes in at the end of the year hoping to extend at least to the middle of February. The spoil from the county dredge will be placed on Earle Road and Pleasant Street beach parking lots to de-water before being hauled away to the old Harwich Landfill.

Dredge progress meeting Monday December 10, 2012

Craig LeBlanc attended a Monday morning dredge progress meeting at Town Hall today and got caught up on the following details.

One half scow load left between the channel and Yacht Club. The Yacht Club has approximately 5 more scows to finish their project. Then a survey will be done to make sure the job is up to specifications. Then the Robert B. Our Company can move back the docks and replace the pilings. After all this we head toward Allen Harbor Marine to begin taking out 33 scow loads. Work was a bit slow last week as the Patrick Hunt, one of the tugs had steering troubles and was not in service over the weekend. Today one scow is expected to return to the harbor and one loaded scow is tied up at the entrance of the canal due to heavy sea conditions in Cape Cod Bay. Several small squall lines are expected to go through the area today.

Bad news received from the Army Corps of Engineers that they have categorically denied the request to dump the spoil in Cape Cod Bay due to a high PH level of the mud We are filing with the Department of Environmental Protection on December 21st a request to add additional time to the January 15th cutoff date so that the project can be finished this fall/winter. Informally it looks like we may get a month but not the 6 weeks we asked for. We have receive word that the county dredge “Codfish” is ready to start dredging the southwest corner of the harbor “mooring field” after January 1st with the sandy spoil being pumped up on to the beach at Earle Road for drainage and later for disposal at the landfill. This probably means we will have to move our docks one more time. The question is where to move them. By that time the Yacht Club docks will be back in their home position. It is hoped that good weather and an extension of the deadline will allow us to get the Allen Harbor Marine portion finished leaving only the channel entrance area to be done in late May.

Wednesday December 5, 2012 Update

Craig LeBlanc attended a meeting Monday along with the Town, Yacht Club, Engineering Firm and Dredge Captain. Several plans have to change if the dredging project is to finish this Fall/Winter. We are going on record with Congressman Keating’s office, the DEP and the Army Corps of Engineers requesting the following: a waiver of the January 15th cutoff date for dredging and asking for February 28th as the cutoff date. We are also seeking a change of dumping site to Cape Cod Bay instead of MA Bay which will greatly lessen the turnaround time for the scows. The Town has hired a Marine Biologist to look further into the sex life of the Winter Fluke. Here is a piece of trivia for you; it seems Fluke get really hot when the water temperature goes to 33 degrees. That makes them come into the harbor and lay their eggs. Monitoring this water temperature may become a factor in the grant of the extension. Some other facts and figures for you; There are 11 scows loaded full of material to be removed from the Yacht Club area and 23 scows loaded full to be removed from the Allen Harbor Marine area. To date since October 22nd 13 scows have been loaded and taken to the dump site. Doing the math it is very clear why we need the extension. Now you can track the scows and tugs on the internet. Simply go to and zoom in on the Cape. The two tugs you’re looking for will be bluish-green in color and will have the names Patrick Hunt and Volans. Sometimes they go through the canal and sometimes they go the backside up off Nauset to get to their destination halfway between Boston and Provincetown.