Monday January 7, 2013

Allen Harbor Yacht Club passed the survey with the exception of two humps which will be removed this week. Then the dredging towards Allen harbor Marine should be about to begin. Craig and Brandon have moved some of our docks over to near the Yacht Club area to get them out of the way of the county dredge. The dredge “Codfish” however is broken down and parts are expected this week which leaves very little time to build the dikes at Pleasant Road Beach with sand from the Herring River and then get in to the Allen Harbor mooring field. Whether the county dredge project gets under way depends largely on getting an extension of the dredge permit for all of Allen Harbor for a period of time. Our water temperature is still relatively warm and this week promises more warm weather so hopefully the regulating authorities will grant us this extension. There is a new dredge meeting to be held on Wednesday and we will have more to report on the progress and expectations of the continuation of the dredging.

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