January 10, 2013 let the dredging continue!

Finally a bit of good news to report on the dredging. Steve Root of the Harwich Waterways Committee stopped by today to brief us on some good news as far as the dredging operations go. On December 31, 2012 we made application to waive the January 15th stop date on the Allen Harbor dredging. Support from all parties, The Town, Allen Harbor Marine and Allen Harbor Yacht Club proved sufficient to get a waiver to allow us to continue the dredging until at least February 28, 2013 which should allow us plenty of time to complete the project.

Presently the county dredge “Codfish” is working in the Herring River and putting the spoil in the form of a dyke at the Pleasant Road Beach in West Harwich. A similar dyke will be made at Earle Road Beach and the county dredge will move to the mooring field portion of Allen Harbor and dredge up to put the spoil within these dykes. Meanwhile Burnham Associates with the large dredge will continue bucket by bucket to get close to Allen Harbor Marine. Presently they are still using two scows, but may have the option of a third scow late in January, but this is not certain as the project it is on now is not complete.

The water temperature remains quite warm for this time of year so the Fluke have not started to spawn yet. Part of the condition is a method to gauge whether or not any Flounder are entering the harbor. Typically they do not spawn until the temperature of the water reaches 33 degrees. The water temperature is still now in the 40’s.

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