Friday March 1, 2013

This week the Allen Harbor dredging project passed another hurdle with the actual dredging being completed.
The last scow will be filled on the tide of Saturday as the dredge company was granted a short extension of the permit. The dredging survey has been completed showing a 7’ depth in the mooring field and in the area of the Yacht Club and Allen Harbor Marine docks.
Around the middle of March the Robert B. Our Company will arrive to begin replacing the pilings and repositioning the docks for Allen Harbor Marine. This part of the project will be completed well in advance of the April 1st start of the boating season. Our docks have spent the last month or so anchored up in the Oyster Creek and have come out unscathed after two storms with winds in excess of 50mph.
Many thanks go out to Captain Ted Augustine and his crew. They were fantastic to work with and did an extremely good job.
More on the dredging project wrap up coming soon.

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